Presentation of the possibilities for the continuation of the project in Rome

In the framework of the conference “New challenges in dictionary teaching” organised by the Erasmus Mundus EMLex Master at the University Roma 3, María José Domínguez and Carlos Valcárcel presented the didactic applications of the MultiGenera and MultiComb projects, as well as their possible integration in PORTLEX, the multilingual valency dictionary developed by the team some years ago. The presentation explored the possibilities of creating learning zones in the sub-entries of the dictionary where users could generate customised examples and learning activities. This would be possible thanks to the database created in the MultiGenera and MultiComb projects, which also makes it possible to automatically generate activities on the semantic constraints of syntactic structures. The presentation was very well received by the audience, who, once again, were interested in the extraction and processing of the project’s linguistic data in the database.