EMLex Summer School 2020
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EMLex Summer School 2020

In the summer term 2020, the EMLex consortium will offer training courses in the fields of lexicography and dictionary research.These classes can be taken as intensive courses at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela in Spain in the context of the Erasmus Mundus program “European Master in Lexicography (EMLex)” The university provides excellent conditions for learning and teaching. Furthermore, the city of Santiago de Compostela offers a great ambience for various activities, and a cultural program.


Course information
10 free places for external participants will be available for each course; pre-booking is necessary. One course will take five days (Monday-Friday) with 26-28 teaching hours. Individual preparation and follow-up work for external participants is not necessary. The participants will get a confirmation of attendance from the individual lecturers and the EMLex consortium. Preferably, external participants have gathered knowledge and experiences in the fields of linguistics, languages, lexicography and/or dictionary making already to achieve the greatest benefits from these high-quality courses. The teaching language will be either German or English.
Participants can choose from 10 different intensive courses, in which subjects of theoretical and practical lexicography will be taught. The course subjects can for instance be transferred to actual dictionary projects, so that a knowledge transfer to external lexicographical projects is possible. The course content also includes basic lexicographical knowledge, which is necessary to conceptualize new projects. Furthermore, it will be possible to deepen the existing lexicographical knowledge. All teachers and guest lecturers are internationally renowned experts in their research fields.


Participation costs
The participation costs are 100,00 € per course for students (prepayment and student ID are required) and 500,00 € per course for other external participants (prepayment is required). Travel and accommodation costs must be organized and paid by the participants themselves. Please register via e-mail to the EMLex office (emlex-erasmusmundus@fau.de). After registration, detailed information will be submitted.


Course descriptions
A provisional description of the course contents is linked with the course titles. These EMLex A-module descriptions can also be found under www.emlex.phil.fau.eu/course-of-study/modulbeschreibungen/advanced-modules/».


Course subjects
The following schedule shows the course schedules, course titles, lecturers and the final registration date: